Stamps: Making an Enquiry and Terms and Conditions

We number postage stamps principally by Stanley Gibbons (SG) but also use Yvert (Yv) and Michel (Mi.) extensively. If you have a problem understanding any catalogue numbers, please ask us for help.

For collectors of Railway Thematics, our premier listing, the struggle with numbers can be eased if you are armed with the 3rd Edition (1999) of Stanley Gibbons 'Collect Railways on Stamps' catalogue, and / or the Domfil Railway catalogue. Our listing usually carries numbers from both these catalogues, where applicable.

Where a stock listing is posted on our website, it is generally complete for that country or subject. We check Wants Lists for other subjects or countries when they arrive but we do not keep them on file nor re-check them periodically.

Sending an Enquiry
If you are working from other catalogues and sending us an enquiry, we can interpret most numbers from the main four catalogues (except for Yvert where some of our catalogues are not up-to-date!) However,please try also to supply a description, to save us having to look up every stamp on your enquiry in a catalogue.There simply are not enough hours in the day! Please be sure to specify whether you are looking for mint (and whether hinged - m/m - is acceptable) or used. Please note that we do not generally stock very low value stamps.

Payment Details
We often only have one copy of each item we list, so speed of ordering is important. Our prices are in British Pounds (Sterling). With the exception of customers in Britain, from whom we request an : Upper Limit Cheque (for details click this link), please do not send payment with your order; we will invoice (bill) you for the stamps still available. For Eurozone customers, we can accept cash payment in Euros by registered post, converting from Pounds to Euros at the 'middle rate' between bank buying and selling prices; pPlease ask us for a bill in Euros, if you wish to pay this way. We regret that we do not accept Credit or Debit Cards. We can accept payment via Paypal, but ONLY IN POUNDS STERLING and subject to a 4.25% surcharge on payments received from Europe and 4.9% on payments from most other parts of the world.

Payment may also be made directly to our bank account in Pounds Sterling ONLY, but all fees, i.e. both sender's and receiver's, must be paid by the customer. This is not often an economic way of paying. Our bank does not always notify us of payments received, so please be sure to inform us at the time you make an electronic payment, advising approsimately when the monies should reach our bank.

Postage & Packing
Postage and Packing are charged extra, at cost. Smaller orders are sent by ordinary post and, unless we are otherwise instructed by customers, we send more valuable consignments by registered insured post, where satisfactory postal arrangments exist.

We shall be happy to discuss any alternative payment and / or delivery options with you.