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November 1st 2020 List : includes : Nicaragua Momotombo, German Railway Parcel Post, USA Poster stamps, miscellaneous other.

October 4th 2020 List : includes : Stamps of Guatemala, Chile, Argentina (including Revenues), Spain, Denmark Railway Parcels, C.S.A.R. Postal Stationery of Mexico, GB, Germany, Mozambique Company, Nicaragua.

September 1st 2020 List : includes : Belgium Railway Official Imperfs, France, French (ex-)Colonies.

. . . . . . . . Railway Book List : September 2020 additional list : Railway Books (non-philatelic)

August 1st 2020 List : includes : Norway Rlys; Sivas; Denmark Rlys; Mexico PS; GB Parcel Stamps; modern Australia RLS.

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